About Us

3Estudio sees photography as a full service concept where the needs of the client, which don’t always start at the shoot, are viewed as a challenge and it intends on going beyond that.

3Estudio, besides the photo shoot, also handles pre and post production, so as to make best use of time and resources, which will lead to a better final result.

3Estudio is aware that times change and that now with all the existing digital media, for example, the photographer needs to do more than just watch, point and shoot if he wants to get the best result possible of the original, he must think according to the technology he has.

3Estudio, therefore, approaches the realization of the work as an interdisciplinary enterprise, working together with creative, editors, designers and clients, in order to look for the best end result.

3Estudio is an enterprise created by JUAN QUILES, a photographer with a broad professional career, which range goes from publicity, corporative and architectural photography to news and sports coverage in all its forms.

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